Your feedback from our Q&A event

Thanks for sharing your feedback about our event last month. Most people told us the event helped them understand more about our new arrangements for health and care in Bradford District and Craven. Some people also shared useful feedback about ways we could improve future events.

Here's what you told us:

1. Too many acronyms! 

Yes, we’re sorry – we will try harder to ensure these are avoided or explained. The language that is used to describe how health and care works is confusing – even to those of us who live and breathe it!  

Our colleagues at West Yorkshire Health and Care Partnership have started working on an acronym guide, which might be helpful, and busting jargon is one of our key principles.  

Please call us out on this at any future events – or ask us here if there are phrases or acronyms that aren’t clear.  Communicating clearly is one of our key principles, so when we’re not getting it right please keep letting us know!

2. Complex organisational diagram

People found the diagram of how the place-based partnership will operate hard to read on screen, and it is quite complex. So, we’ve uploaded the diagram here as a separate document along with the outline of our health and care partnership strategy for Bradford District and Craven. 

3. Information in advance would be helpful

For future events we’ll work to share presentations in advance as some people said they find this easier. This web platform is a good place to start if there’s something you want to know.  Ask us anything and we’ll try to answer!

What next?

At the session in February, we described the new arrangements for health and care in our place, and the importance of connecting people and communities into decision making.  

Our concept is to achieve this through a ‘network of networks’ approach, that connects existing community groups and forums and provides an open and inclusive forum.

We need your ideas, suggestions, and questions about how this could work - please share them here.  

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