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You asked us: How do we ensure that 'new' voices or 'people particularly from under represented communities are heard?

Our panel's response: 

This is an area that we are really focusing on as we know that there are still people in our communities who are seldom heard and this is something we must improve while recognising the innovative work we have done to be more inclusive in reaching out. 

We are looking at different ways we can do this including outreach work into our communities working with trusted individuals and community groups as well as finding different ways of using the intelligence separate agencies have to get a better understanding of our communities. This includes working closely with people and organisations that work closely with people in the places they live, these are often organisations or community groups that are often referred to as voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations.  

Our community partnerships offer us an additional opportunity to develop local services based on local need as well as helping us get a better understanding of the strengths that our communities and the people who live in them bring to our health and care partnership. 

Let us know if you have any comments or ideas below   

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