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What's in place to safeguard against any issues with the removal of the purchaser - provider split that this change brings?

The key decision making body, Bradford District and Craven Health and Care Partnership Board, will meet in public and will ensure that members of the public have opportunities to have their questions answered. It will be chaired by an independent chair to support effective management of any potential conflicts of interest which may arise. The local Overview and Scrutiny Committee will retain the right to hold local partners to account, and can request reports on decisions taken to allocate resources (subject to any changes laid on in the Health and Care Bill which is currently going through parliament). The local Health and Wellbeing Board will receive an annual report detailing how the BD&C Partnership has acted to meet the needs of the local population.  

There are a number of contractual safeguards in place to ensure key performance standards are met while accepting that we have a significant challenge in returning to pre-pandemic levels of performance as highlighted by the delivery plan for tackling the COVID-19 backlog of elective care.

All ICS’ have to deliver to the requirements outlined in the planning guidance which set clear indicators against a range of services and pathways of care.  Our system based committees with representation from executive and non-executive members will ensure we continue to maintain our momentum in delivering these outcomes.  

Please let us know if you have any further comments or ideas below.

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